Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I really did say no more....

I said no more dogs after Cassie was gone, I really did...and I meant it...for about 2 days. It was so lonely and quiet here neither one of us could stand it . So I went on the search for a reputable breeder in the area. Usually most only have a littler once or twice a year so I was sure we would have to wait until spring. I think I must have sent out about 20 emails . Most would let me know when they had a litter available..but one..one had a litter ready to go and we could come visit.

So we did and left with Annabella..who I must say as I sit here and write and she's in her puppy corral..is VERY vocal. I haven't had and sleep in days and caught the flu yesterday but we're happy! We'll be even happier when she's a big girl with a big girl bladder!

So here's Belly!