Customer Gallery and Testimonials

Purchasing jewelry online can leave you full of doubts! What if the pictures are better than the jewelry? What if the custom piece does not meet expectations?

With our Customer Gallery & Testimonials, you can read product reviews before you buy, as well as view actual purchases from previous clients... including custom, handcrafted jewelry!

More Beautiful Than I Imagined!

"Lissa! I'm so excited to tell you that my bracelet came today. Girl you are fast! I just ordered it Wednesday and here it is on Friday. The bracelet is simply AMAZING! In the picture you posted of it, it's beautiful, but let me tell you that it is more beautiful than I imagined. I love it! Love it! Love it!"

The moon stone is just perfect, my favorite stone and I was outside letting it catch the light and it was just beautiful. Thank you so much! Now I know what I'm going to be ordering for Christmas and Birthday presents!"

Dawn McCann
North Carolina

Lissa Captures Unrivaled, Timeless Beauty

Peacock's Pearls Necklace, Quality Handcrafted Jewelry

Peacock's Pearls Necklace, Quality Handcrafted Jewelry

"Lissa Harlin pays homage to nature's beauty by romantically intensifying its appeal. Working with an array of warm gemstones in varying hues, Lissa captures unrivaled, timeless beauty in her imaginative designs. Her creations are modern yet delicate and fascinating with a natural elegance."

"I recently purchased Lissa's stunning Peacock Pearl Necklace in which she uniquely and inventively clustered Keshi pearls at the drop of cascading lacy sterling silver. Lissa's captivating displays of wearable art are perfect enough to compliment any wardrobe, from casual to formal. Her mesmerizing designs coupled with her charismatic personality make purchasing her fine pieces of art truly gratifying."

New Jersey

I Can't Wait Till My Next Order!

Angel Tears and Dove Gray Pearl Earrings, Quality Gemstone Jewelry

Angel Tears and Dove Gray Pearl Earrings, Quality Gemstone Jewelry
"I just received my order yesterday & am so totally pleased. The earrings are high quality & very well made. The customer contact was great & my order arrived quicker than I had expected. I can't wait till my next order!!!"

(Angel Tears Earrings and Dove Gray Pearl Earrings)

Lesley Henry

Better Than I Could Ever Have Imagined

Custom Designed, Jeweled Bookmarks

Custom Designed, Jeweled Bookmarks
"Having already experienced the quality product and customer service at Lissa Harlin Designs, I decided I wanted Lissa to design birthday presents for my teenage sisters. I wanted to do something really unique and different."

"As we put our heads together, the idea of custom jeweled bookmarks came up. I wanted them designed according to my sisters' styles and favorite colors."

"My sisters were thrilled with their presents. The end result was better than I could ever have imagined. I am once again delighted with my experience with Lissa Harlin Designs."

Jennifer Meinking
Estancia, New Mexico

A Great Deal of Meaning for Me

Breast Cancer Awareness Ear Cuff Custom Jewelry

Breast Cancer Awareness Ear Cuff Custom Jewelry
"Dear Lissa, I received the Pink Ribbon Ear Cuff that you custom made for me and I want to tell you that it is beautiful!! Thank you so much for personally working with me to design this ear cuff that has a great deal of meaning to me. You were awesome to work with and I can't thank you enough!!"

Wendy, Wild Spirit Photo
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Absolutely Breathtaking

Smoky Quartz Custom Jewelry

"Lissa Harlin worked extensively with me to create the perfect custom jewelry set. The result was beyond my wildest imagination. I almost fell over at how absolutely breathtaking the necklace and matching earrings were. They are most definitely my favorite jewelry set!"

Jennifer Meinking
Estancia, New Mexico