About Me

Welcome to my blog! Thought it was time to update the ol' profile as I'm not so new to the beading world now :) I'm a 37 year old factory worker. I work for Johnson Controls...would be nice to make my fortune making jewelry one day and stay at home, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon! I've been married to a wonderful guy who totally supports me and what I do as a hobby and never questions how much I spend...who could ask for anything more!?? I have two sweet dogs, Gunner is a 12 year old Boston Terrier who thinks he's a puppy and Cassie who is a 10 year old English Bulldog and the namesake of my blog.Both of my dogs are my "children" and I would be totally lost without them! We've been through a lot together. Hope you all can take a minute of your day and share it with me. I love to see comments.

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