Saturday, April 26, 2008


Time to get rid of some inventory (and justify all those gemstone purchases I've made lately!) so from now until I get tired of it I'm having any one item purchased and receive 10% off.Purchase 2 or more items and receive 20% off.
Simply add SALE in note to seller and I will send you a revised invoice or refund if you would like to purchase the items immediatly. Sale is only on total of item and does not include shipping charges.

Some of my newer pieces are going for a bargain ..especially if you purchase more than one item.

Sofies Night Out Necklace

Blue Butterfly Day Earrings

and the Abbra Kadabra Necklace

These are just a sampling of what's in my shop, so stop by and check it out. I also do commissions :) Lissa Harlin Designs

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth Day Project

The very first Earth Day was held on November 30, 1969 and founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson as a way to bring environmental issues and awareness to the public's attention.

Our Wire Artisans Guild on Etsy is participating on this earth day by coming up with a theme challenge of "au naturale". My submission was just completed.. I just can't tell you how many hours I put into wire wrapping this piece while laying in bed with a cold from hell. I named it Dogwood Blossoms after the poem by George Marion McClellan~

O dreamy languors and the violet mist
Of early Spring, the deep sequestered vale
Gives first her paling-blue Miamimist,
Where blithely pours the cuckoo's annual tale
Of Summer promises and tender green,
Of a new life and beauty yet unseen.
The forest trees have yet a sighing mouth,
Where dying winds of March their branches swing,
While upward from the dreamy, sunny South,
A hand invisible leads on the Spring.

His rounds from bloom to bloom the bee begins
With flying song, and cowslip wine he sups,
Where to the warm and passing southern winds,
Azaleas gently swing their yellow cups.
Soon everywhere, with glory through and through,
The fields will spread with every brilliant hue.
But high o'er all the early floral train,
Where softness all the arching sky resumes,
The dogwood dancing to the winds' refrain,
In stainless glory spreads its snowy blooms.

We used to have wild dogwoods growing behind our house in the woods when I was growing up and I just thought they were the most beautiful flowering trees still growing in the densely lush oaks and pines.

I bought these amazing prehnite marquise beads at the last bead show in York and I think, put them to good use in this piece along with the lovely crystal clear rose quartz briolettes. I chose to oxidize this piece to make the pale pastel colors stand out more.I'm going to be making more flower necklaces in the future...if they never sell, I'll have a great collection!

Please check out the Wire Artisans Shop on Etsy April 22nd to see all the fabulous entries by some awesomely talented wire artisans! Be sure to give them lots of heart love!