Thursday, September 6, 2007

Some new earrings

Well, by now I'm sure you know I'm alittle different than most :) Different is good I think LOL! I don't like a boring old strung on a headpin earrings, although I have made them before when I had my first custom order. You never know what someone is going to like so I made a whole mess of earrings so that the customer would have a choice.

I haven't gotten great pics of the new ones yet...just a few ok shots so I won't list them until I'm happy with atleast 3 pics of each to list in my shop.Here are a few pics of the ones I've done the past few days just to see what a'll think.

Handmade ceramic beads with bali spacer on handmade earwires.

Blue handmade ceramic beads with bali swirl spacers on handmade earwires.

Jade and rhyolite briolettes wire wrapped on handforged hoops and earwires.

Pyrite in amazonite with caribbeanblue and light azure swarovski crysyals with bali headpin and handmade earwires.

Violet opal and tanzenite swarovski crystals with light purple pearls and dark purple swarovski's

Good ol' sterling silver hoops!

I'm off work on Friday (I've decided to give myself another holiday day) Gping to the bead store to pick up my tweezers for the head pin demo that I haven't forgotten about...just busy! So stay tuned for that one.


Christie said...

Beauuuutiful stuff!
I'm a huge fan of the swirled headpin look. Personally, I think everything should have at least one swirl on it. :)
Did you make the hand forged silver hoops? If you did, I'm impressed! They are very pretty.
I want to take a real metalsmithing class! Waaah!!

Le Fleur said...

Cool earrings! I'm going to try and make some leverbacks for my second shop, but I'm going to make the beads myself. Writing a metalsmithing class on my to do list :)

SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

LOVE your work and your blog...and must say...your English Bulldog :-)...(had three of them when I was growing up!)!!

Lissa said...

Thanks ladies!! :) Yep Christie..I made the hoops. I made several pair actually. They are so easy!Guess I should put a small tutorial on making hoops on my "to-do" list.I just saw your tut and it was fab! I doubt I can live up to that, but as long as you get the jist :) Ya'll need to contact a local college and see if they offer some classes on it.

Melanie said...

The first pair are my favorite.... I'll be checking back and seeing what else you create!

Tracy said...

Wow--they are ALL beautiful!! I'm a pink-blue-purple girl, so I gravitate to those colors most. But your techniques and material combos are super! Excellent work--as always. Looking forward to your tutorial. Oh, and congrat on that feature! Happy Weekend to you ((HUGS))

Candy Stick Lane said...

They all rock! I was off friday to! Yippee

Candy Stick Lane said...

I did get some new things done, a new jumper and 2 skirts, Ill be sewing again tomorrow - so hopefully another productive day :o)