Saturday, March 8, 2008

Holy CRAP!

Guess anyone that breezes through here has noticed I haven't blogged in quite some time... Eeee Gads! Well... I've not really had anything to blog about. I'm not one of those that sneezes and has to blog about it so the world can see their perfectly photographed used tissue.... Back to the holy crap part.. I logged into my Etsy shop and noticed one of my items had a tremendous amount of views and thought.. "hmm.. wonder if it's been on the front page?" Sure enough, there it was in all it's glory! My unassuming tree branch earrings right there on the front page!!! I couldn't capture a friggin screen shot, but thankfully Kristy of did!

I feel sort of like a rock star right now :) Super big thanks to Natalia of


Christie said...

"perfectly photographed used tissue"...that's both gross and funny. :)
Woohoo on the front page exposure. Those earrings are damn cool. I'm glad you got the feature.
Also, good to see your blog pop up in my google reader.

ThePeachTree said...

You're so a rockstar! Good for you!!

Lineberry said...

Congrats! That's fantastic!

The Therapist! said...

Great! Hope you are still selling many things!

Lakshmi said...