Friday, August 1, 2008

In The Garden

Just a few pics for this beautiful sunny day here in south central Pa. We get a ton of dragonflies every year and this one was just hanging out on the hosta flower.

A few more pictures of the fish and frogs..they were very prolific last year! Lots of new babies :)

Hope you enjoyed the nature :)


tattytiara said...

What lovely pictures of such a lovely place! I must say your blog is gorgeous, too.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Nice pictures, the shots are lovely and everything appears so undisturbed.

Lissa said...

Thank you both! I'm so glad you stopped by :)

Tatty..I had an Etsy friend design my blog. I told her I wanted pink and girly and she went from there.

t.allen..hard to believe we live in the city huh?! Thanks the lord for privacy fences.

Candy Stick Lane said...

Lissa! Hey Girlfriend - you have to come by my blog and read - I dont want to say why b/c its a surprise - Im SO excited! Smooches! Renee

The Bumble Bee Studio's blog!! said...

OMG..i love your blog. im a HUGE nature my butterflies, frogs, blizzards, hummingbirds, and flowers !!! sooo glad we met !!!

is this your garden ?? did you take them...if need to sell them in your our craft fairs. did you see MY butterfly ?? (=



Lissa said...

Thanks bunnie :) Yep this is my little yard.I took the photos too.. Hubby doesn't even know how to use the camera :-0 hehehe!!

We have two ponds with lots of frogs and the toads come in the spring..we even have a rare yellow spotted salamander lay eggs every year in the small pond.

I saw your gorgeous butterfly on the yellow lantana! WOW! I need to get you to do my product shots!

Diaomnd Sprinkles said...

You are funny I think the same thing I don't like writing about myself it just seems wrong to me. I don't like to brag. by the way I love your work too. great job and I think we all have something to offer here so just know you have gifts and some people don't know what theirs are yet.