Monday, August 30, 2010

Second chance at a freebie!!

I'm so grateful to everyone who signed up for the last giveaway! Quite an overwhelming response to say the least.. considering the giveaway before that I only had 8 people sign up for!

Good news is I'm having one more giveaway! I'm not hosting this one though. It's at Cafe Handmade and they have a few different rules and you have less time to dilly over putting in an entry ;)
Here is the link to the giveaway Cafe Handmade Giveaway
and here's what you could win!

This is a solid sterling silver cuff (that will fit pretty much any wrist) with a sea glass stone bezel set in fine silver. The stone washed up on the beaches of Hawaii after many years of tumbling around in the sea!

So go sign up because it ends September 4th!!


Larissa said...

where is the link? I want to win!

Lissa said...

hehe :)

The link is the brown "cafe Handmade giveaway" it should change blue when you hover over it. Let me know if it isn't there cause it disappeared earlier on me... it's possessed o.0

Larissa said...

It wasnt there when I posted the comment, then it appeared...silly link!

I entered:) Hopefully I will win! I really want the orchid necklace, so I will have to tell Mark for Christmas, LOL! I need to get some of your pieces before you get to be too famous!

Sadie said...

Such a pretty bracelet, I might have to sign up for a chance, too!


Som's Studio said...

What a super chance, off to try my luck!

Lissa said...

Som, did you sign up? I saw Brenda/Sadie did ;) Not sure why they moderate the comments so long...