Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beautiful Saturday in the yard

Hubby and I have a similar passion in life...gardening! Who would have thought I would find my perfect soul mate...not many men would traipse around tea rooms and bead shops with their wives...but to actually have a love of gardening also! Mind boggling if you ask me ;)

So we puttered around in the yard today...he mowed and I ate raspberries...A little history of the was built in the 50's for soldiers coming back from the war in a small neighborhood full of these little split levels..all looking exactly the same.

When we moved in 10 years ago,there was nothing in the back yard but a run down gray shed a mock orange bush, butterfly bush and a french lilac.We've done alittle work since then...
The pond was our wedding gift to eachother. We put it in the weekend we got home from our honeymoon and it has done nothing but thrive since. We have several generations of frogs, fish and toads living in and by the pond. We had a visitor today too...this gorgeous blue dragonfly was sitting on the day lilies just waiting for me to snap her picture.

We also have a smaller pond for frog overflow. We are hoping one of these days to enlarge this one since they are really multiplying!There is even a rare yellow spotted salamander that comes and lays her eggs in our little pond every spring. Hard to believe we have so much animal life going on living in the city.

And finally after much cajoling and hydrangea has bloomed!!!
This is a Macrophylla Harlequin Hydrangea which get's gorgeous pink and white flowers. Many years ago, I worked in a green house and just had to have this hydrangea..I'm so glad I bought it now!

On the beading front...nothing new this week..I did get my liver of sulpher in the mail finally, so I'm going to experiment with oxidizing some metal tomorrow. I'm thinking about oxidizing my wire wrapped pendant from last week..but still thinking that one over...until next post~happy beading!!


Tracy said...

These are wonderful pictures of your garden! I love to see what's new & blooming there...And you hydragena is gorgeous, I love the pink with white edging and the lacey effect. Can't wait to see you next jewelry projects! Happy weekend to you & your DH and the pups! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of your yard. I will mention to everyone who reads that to really get a sense of it, you have to sit by the pond under the butterfly bush and enjoy the serenity.

Have a good week!