Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pond Cam

Happy 4th of July ~if anyone actually reads this stuff LOL!

It has stopped raining here in Pa so I thought I would take a walk out to the pond and see what was going on. Not too much I'm afraid since we seem to have a cat raiding the pond...all the frogs and fish are very skittish lately and haven't been up to many photo op's. I was never a big cat fan anyway, but this is really making me upset. I'm very attached to all the pond life and hate to go out to a little mangled green guy in the yard. If anyone knows of a good cat deterrant, please let me know!!

This is my beautiful peach and white water lily.It seems to have taken over most of the pond this year, so it must be pretty happy...since it's the 4th , it's time to fertilize the lilies so we'll have a few more months of blooms.

Please excuse my lack of camera skills! This was taken at the beginning of the season with our new digital camera. The pond has changed alittle since then...more green and lots of pretty flowers!


Tracy said...

Fun pond cam! hehehe...Sorry a cat's taking over though :o( Lovely lily...I love that peachy one! Hope you all had a great 4th! ((HUGS))

Friendlyhands said...

Cool site!!!! More videos please

Rain's End said...

I love your little pond! I have one too but it needs a little attention right now. The little trickle waterfall coming off my bog (filter) has diverted a little and I am slowly losing water. The plants are so happy there that I hate to disturb them.

Joey & Aleethea said...

What a beautiful pond! Those little fish look so happy - I'd be happy there too. :)