Monday, July 16, 2007

One of my favorites!

Actually two...My favorite artist and jewelry designer is Eni Oken She has a fanominal sence of style and artistic ability. I've been following up on her website for about a year now since I stumbled across her site while surfing the web. I have finally gotten the courage to try one of her intermediate tutorials and add my own twist to it.

Now let me interject my other favorite ...labradorite! I can't seem to get enough of this stone.The geological type area for labradorite is Paul's Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. I have been hording quite a bit of it lately, but decided to actually make some things with it. So I combined my two favorite things and made a beautiful (I think ) teardrop pendant
I'm planning on using some liver of sulpher to age this piece once my sunshine cloths arrive in the mail.

I also reworked an earlier piece I wasn't too happy with. The orange and green bracelet with the big hill tribe silver flower. I had some beads from napal I was saving and thought they would go well with the whole flower motif I have going on.It now fit's better. I have a small size 6 wrist and it was tight on me. Now it's an average size 7 to 7 1/2.I also made complimenting earrings for it.

Hopefully going to get some time tomorrow to add them to my etsy shop and see how well they do.

Unfortunatly, it's time to head to my real life job, so until next time...happy beading~


Tracy said...

LOVE the new pendant! You did a fantastic job on this wrap! Labradorite is lovely--this stone of yours has a great shape & presence amidst all the wrapping. (That reminds me I have two Labradorite rectangluar beads--I ought to give these to you!) I love your rework of the citrus-colored necklace--it's a stunner, and I that big silver flower! The matching earrings pair very well. Who wouldn't want there beautiies? Am sure they'll sell quick. Like you updates here...Keep looking better & better here. BIG HUGS :o)

The Therapist! said...

That is great stuff! Your work is very impressive.


Christie said...

That pendant is gorgeous! Great job wrapping it. I've read that you can use eggs somehow to do that aging/tarnishing thing to silver. Supposed to be a more natural approach. Just thought I'd toss that out there. :)

The bracelet and earrings are so pretty. That big flower...WOW. We have the same size wrists! It's such a PITA to find bracelets that fit.

Yazmin said...

That pendant is beautiful. You did a great job. :)