Monday, October 1, 2007


My "Blue Sky" earrings from the previous post just sold! I'm so happy about it and the person they are going to! I'm in very good company looking at previous purchases!Now I feel the need to make something even grander. I always feel the need to "one up" myself.

On another note, I just listed a new bangle :) It's a fused fine silver piece of glorious, beautiousness with lots of shiny pretty things ..hehehe Seriously it has citrine,apatite,chalcedony and lemon quartz.

I'm also planning on making just plain bangles too...just need to find the time! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Tracy said...

CONGRAT on the big sale! Well done, girlie! Love you new banlge here...those stones are beautiful combination, and I love the simpliticty of the bangle. One up yourself, that you do! LOL! ((HUGS))

Le Fleur said...

Love the bangle and congrats on the sale, luv.

Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that there was a weekend :P

designs by bonzie said...

congrats on the sale gurly!!
loving the new work, its beautiful, very soft!!
Sounds like you had a busy weekend. llol


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Very, very pretty!

designs by bonzie said...

just wanted to stop by to wish you a Very Happy Christmas!!!
hope your enjoying the break!
lots of love

Anonymous said...

You make the kind of bracelets I love to wear. Simple and elegant.

Lissa said...

Thank you so much Helen :)I wear simple myself...all I wear are hoop earrings.