Sunday, September 16, 2007


Been playing with the torch again..yep..the creme brulee one *wink* the one they told me at the bead store wouldn't get hot enough to melt fine gauge silver...the one that has burned the hair off my knuckles....I'm here to tell ya girls...don't waste your money on a fancy one...this one works great!

Today I got out the 12 gauge fine silver and wrapped it around my ring mandrel a few times...made my jump rings about what I thought would be a good ring size and torched away. After fusing them, I got out my handy dandy jewelers anvil and started hammering away. Now I have 6 awesome rings!I almost don't want to sell them. Guess I need to head back to monsterslayer for some fine silver. I think they came out pretty cool! What'cha think?

Made a beauty of a carnelian lariat too...starting to get some into wire wrapping. I'm not perfect yet, but alot better than my first attempt!

and some matching earrings..


anodyne said...

Those rings are lovely! :)

Tracy said...

The rings are fantastic! And I just love the lariat & earrings--perfect for fall! Super work--as alwasy ((HUGS))

designs by bonzie said...

fabulous!! love the lariat!

The Therapist! said...

I could use a few of those rings.... they are the only kind I can wear during massage. Let me know price, I will see what size I need.


Amanda said...

all of your new projects look wonderful. nice work!

Stacie said...

Hi Lissa, not sure how or why I stumbled across your blog but it was just the push I needed.....I keep seeing stackable rings, wanted to give it a go but have been busy. Anyway- saw yours & the fine silver is now on the way. Wanted to say thanks ;-) Also......our b'day's are on the same day. See....I was SUPPOSED to see your blog- LOL I think that's cool. Off to look at more of your stuff.