Friday, September 14, 2007

This is my town... I have that song in my head..It's a country song, so I'm sure I'm the only person on the planet that knows which song I'm talking about! But anywho...this is my town ..York ,Pa. Hubster and I went on a walk in the city a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to share, but time just flies by!

York County has played a proud role in the long exciting drama that is the history of the United States of America. York County can justifiably be called the first proving ground for a westward flow of settlers that did not stop until checked by the waters of the Pacific. It was in the forefront of organized resistance during the American Revolution and a source of strength to the Union armies during the most critical period of the Civil War. In more modern times, its citizenry has made notable contributions to the victory effort in two world wars and numerous armed conflicts. Over the past 250 years it has utilized its resources to create a community nationally admired for its agricultural richness, industrial vigor and cultural enterprise.

Opening on December 11th, 1888 York's Central Market house is still operating and full of the counties farm produce and crafters wares from all over the area.

This is one of many painting done on buildings around town . This one is to honor all the military people from York.

Many old historic places are still open in the city and open most of the year to tour groups. The Colonial Complex is the largest historical area still standing.The next few are just shots of the the complex and gardens (since I'm a garden nut)This is the Gates House that is connected to the Plough Tavern.

The place on the right is the Plough Tavern in brick and tudor and the one on the right is Gates house in stone.

Bobb Log House in the complex...that's NOT Bobb :)

The Plough Tavern, built in 1741, presents the significant role a tavern played in a community as hotel, restaurant and source for news and housed Congressional delegates. The Gates House (c.1751) reflects the year 1778 when General Gates occupied the house while the Continental Congress met in York and was the setting of the Conway Cabal Meeting in which the overthrow of Washington as commander was prevented. The Bobb House, built with squared timbers, shows family life in the 1830s and acts as an example of a frontier house.

Gen. Horatio Gates in front of the Plough Tavern

Lastly just some more paintings in the city I thought were really neat. The first one, you can read a funny story about the squirrel hunt in 1824.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour around town :)


Tracy said...

LOVED this post! Thank for a taste of home...I miss YORK! Can't wait to go home there and see you soon! Great photos, btw. Happy Weekend! ((HUGS))

designs by bonzie said...

Hi Lissa
that was a lovely post, nice to see your environment too!! looks like a really sweet place.
thanks for the comments on my blog. big hugs from Ireland to York.


The Therapist! said...

General Gates is new. I just saw him the other day..... I thought I was seeing things, from a distance! LOL

Le Fleur said...

Nice hometown, I'm glad you have a history you can be prod of. I remember when I took a class in the history of Baltimore and wound up being surprised at the things that happened here. I had always been of the oppinion that this was too boring of a place to have anything happen, perhaps I should take some pictures since I may be leaving it for grad school :)