Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My very own patron saint!

Seriously ...and her name is Donnamarie! But..I'll get to her later :)

So set up day was Thursday. It all went smoothly and I met my booth partner Michele of Tomboy Tools. I noticed the place smelled kind of funky...it is the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex afterall, so it was a sort of barnyard smell...GREAT! Swine flu...barnyard...pigs...swine flu. It should have been an omen for things to come...

Here I am all set up and ready to go friday morning.You can see how excited hubby is trying to hide in the fake trees of my neighbor.

This is the view down my isle...and it pretty much looked like this all Friday!It was just vendors walking around buying and taste testing...lucky me I had a casino 2 doors down with a spinning wheel that made a lovely tick tick tick tick sound with each peg that was hit...joy...

Here enters Donnamarie :) and the heavens opened up *enter angel chorus*
Everyone was so bored that we pretty much left our booths and wondered around. This is when she found my booth..and bought my favorite pair of london blue topaz and ruby earrings! Half way to paying my booth fee YAY!

Saturday was supposed to be the big drawl, Jon and Kate minus the 8. Where Kate signed copies of their new book. It drew a whopping 1,000 people.

...but, once again Donnamarie visited and made my day...TWICE!

Sunday, we had to be there early for a vendor meeting. Many vendors were calling the show coordinators and complaining of the poor attendance. I saw so many packing up saturday and leaving. Many more left sunday morning. They were sorry and apologized for the poor attendance, but had no idea why it was so poorly attended. If word got out how awful the farm shows food was, that could be one reason..bleck! The coordinators had no control over the food or the $8 parking fee 0_o
Sunday was the day Andrew Dan-Jumbo showed up..poor guy! He walked down my isle while I was packing up and said "hi" to me! AHHHHHHHH!

We packed up early because I was just exhausted and hubby ended up getting sick sunday morning.But not before Donnamarie visited and bought more and asked me to custom make her a pair of "Let them eat cake" earrings and wire wrap a stone for her :D

I only had one negative experience with a vendor on the other side of the curtain I guess thinking they had a dome of silence curtain...saying to a customer that "They were true artisans and silversmiths unlike the crafter wire wrappers" Not sure who she thought she was.. I left in the black..she was still in the red...guess it pays to be "just a crafter". I did make several sales besides Donnamarie and overall it was a great learning experience and I won't be so freaked out next time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Donnamarie for making my first show worthwhile!


elizabethjayne said...

Wow, can't believe that other vendor would say that. Glad it went well for you, all things considered!

Lissa said...

I was shocked too Elizabethjayne... guess she was just upset she wasn't making back her money.