Monday, May 18, 2009

Package from across the sea

I've always been envious of other gemstone buyers for one simple reason...they post pictures of the package they get from India! I know it's trivial, but I can't help it. I've always wished for my very own package wrapped in linen, hand stitched shut and a seal in red wax all over the outside. I never thought I would get my very own linen box....

...but I did today!!! Almost missed the mailman! He never comes this early in the morning..ever. After a late night with hubby playing "world of warcraft" getting my level 29 night elf hunter to a level 30 so I can finally have a mount, I was pooped and stayed in bed till 11:30. Hey, I'm a second shifter, what can I say?

I peeked out the window to see who was disturbing my beauty sleep and see the mailman leaving the porch ...with my package from India in tow! OHMYGOD!!!! I sent hubby outside after his pj's hahaha!! This was my reward

It was just like christmas day, I could hear the metal box inside making thunking noises as I pressed my fingers around the package. After taking several momento pictures, I cut into that sucker quicker than you can say "bob's your uncle" (don't know what that mean's, but I've heard people from the UK say it and always wanted an excuse to say it :) )

All wrapped up and nicely packaged

Getting a little closer to the contents...just peeping out...

After all these years of waiting..just a bit more packaging...oh! Like a kid in a candy store I ripped it all out and examined each and every stone *sigh* Only one bead broke from the fancy rock crystal quartz, but that sucker was loaded with stones. One snapped top isn't going to make me sob with two maybe??

But this is the end result of all my waiting and wishing. The prices were fabulous and it didn't take very long at all to get them. I must say the quality is really good too. I hate not being able to pick and choose, but there were only minor inclusions in just a very few of the pink amethyst (but they sent me two strands instead of only one!)


Marie-Michèle Lanthier said...

oooooh *drool*
just found you through the SAT blog..
may I ask who is this supplier?

Jennifer Vance said...

double drool,lol