Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time for a lay off and a sale!

Due to our crappy economy,housing market slump,rising cost of groceries,health care,gas,supplies, yadda yadda..... I have been layed off from my job this week. I'm sort of happy and sort of sad. I badly needed a break because it was getting really stressful always wonder when I would finally get the lay off word and getting bumped from shift to shift and building to building, but darn it! I worked HARD to get into that place waiting for 3 1/2 years to even hear from them after I put in my application..getting tested,back ground check and physical like no other physical ever known to man kind...

So right now, I am going to focus on my two shops and build up as much inventory as possible.I'll be starting a new sale beginning August 1st through the entire month.
10% off any one item
15% off any two items
20% off any 3 items or more
The discount will only be on the price of the item and not off of shiping.

If anyone would like to get on my mailing list to hear about future sales and special discounts only for people on my mailing list, please send an email to

Feel free to visit me at Lissa Harlin Designs

Or at my Ruby Lane shop


Candy Stick Lane said...

Hey Beau Bear!!! Im so glad to hear from you! I hate that about the lay off - it happened to me last year - and instead of trying to pursue my sewing full time I got another job and I wish like everything that I would have concentrated on the shops and maybe I would be at home now sewing =(. Your in my prayers and I will be signing up for your mailing list! BIG SMOOCHES!!!!

Lissa said...

Hi sweetie!I've been toying with the idea of staying home and trying to make a go of my biz..but with the economy..I have an in at another company, I just have to get off my butt and get my resume into them. Not like I don't have a ton of time now to do it..just not ready to head back to work yet! LOL!

So good to hear from you and hear you're doing well!

Terri said...

Sorry to here about being laid off. But this could be a good thing, now you have time to focus on your stores for a while and maybe get a jump start on promoting for the the holidays. (just trying to look on the bright side) Good Luck!

Lissa said...

Thanks so much Terri!

I'm staying positive about it...I really needed a break for sure!If I have to, I can stay on unemployment for a year..but I won't..I'd get too bored!

Thyme2dream said...

Hi Lissa..I hope things are going well with your "time off" be honest, being laid off from my job was the best thing that every happened to me~ with the cushion of unemployment it allowed me the time to move into doing my jewelry business full time:-) You are so talented, Im sure it will be a profitable time for you at any rate!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

What great offers! I hope you did well. :)